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Lighting with much more quality, durability and economy for your space!

-MPLIA Application: Outdoor IP65 Solar Lights, suitable for gardens, swimming pools, fences, courtyards, entrances, stairs, exterior walls, etc., heat, weather resistant, there is no need to worry about outdoor damage.

-It is automatically turned on: The PIR motion sensor can scan the heat source that moves continuously within the detection range. When someone appears in the area, light turns on automatically.

-Luxury Solar: Solar light needs 6 hours of solar load during the day and 10 hours of normal operation at night. Cables are not needed, which provides an economic life, low in carbon and respectful with the environment.

- Fast portfall: The load of the solar panel depends on the duration of light and weather conditions. The stronger the sun, the shorter the loading time will be. On cloudy or rainy days, the efficiency of the battery is reduced, resulting in shorter lighting times.

-Material Premium: high quality lamp accounts, a wide range of lighting, which provides excellent lighting.

-Educing alarm function (single lights, no sound): The light will light automatically when someone enters the induction range at night.

Important reminder:

① Our products are available in two styles, including remote control and without remote control;

① If you need remote control, choose a package that includes remote control.

※ Sunlight pack without remote control, no receiver function, can not be controlled with the remote control,

※ If the previous information is not understood, please, do not hesitate to contact the customer service of our store, we will respond in detail


Make sure that sunlight is placed in such a way that it will not be in the shade during the day and face to the south is better. Charge sunlight for 6-8 hours under the sun before the first use. Sunlight with motion sensor is an ideal option for exterior environment, as a fence, patio, terrace, patio, garden, steps and other outdoor places.


Lighting mode button:

-Caping: Off mode, the indicator light is red;

-Primer gear: Some people come, they light up intensely for 15-30 seconds, when nobody shuts down;

- Standing: Some people come, bright light for 15-30 seconds, and when there is no one, light is always bright and weak;

-Tercera gear: It does not matter if nobody is there, and weak light is always on.

Load time: 6 hours in the sun

PIR detection angle: 120 °

Detection distance: 8-10 meters

Package includes:

1x autonomous LED Solar LED | Bronsolar ©

1x Mounting Kit

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