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Relax with comfort and style

Do time to snuggle ¡Time to snuggle! We present the Huggle ™ sweatshirt, the most comfortable large-sized hoodie in the world. Combining the heat of a cozy blanket with the comfort of a favorite sweatshirt, it is the last piece of underwear that you want to have. Made from a soft polar on the outside, it is lined inside with Sherpa material that gives you all the relaxation you need.

This luxurious Huggle hooded sweatshirt takes one of the softest blanket fabrics in the world and forra with the latest warm comfort. Then it is transformed into the world's most cozy sweatshirt, built to keep the user comfortable and hot from head to toe. There is even a great spacious pocket on the front to keep the essentials by hand. As an additional advantage, the Huggle is reversible, so you can take it in the way you like, or use them in shifts so you can enjoy each of the comfortable options.

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Use it anywhere

When you wear this magical hoodie, you'll be relaxed in the house, comfortable on the sofa and comfortable in bed. Once you put it, the hot material begins to work to remove the cold and add it style! The full sleeves will keep your arms warm, but still you will have the free time to entertain you outdoors or to watch TV and take an appetizer. This also makes it ideal to go to the queue in the colder months and enjoy the great game.

Are you looking for some variety? Huggle hoodie comes in different colors, so you can get one for you and another as a Christmas gift for that someone special. Or get the colors matching as an anniversary gift, where you can share a fun and romantic night at home with maximum comfort. This comfortable hoodie is also perfect for autumn and winter birthdays, or for any day you want to entertain a friend or family member and surprise a co-worker, teacher or father.

A unique size that serves most adults so that it can rest peacefully when it comes to enjoying a great fit. The bright colors will make a lasting impression on everyone, and the hoodie is easily washed and dried, with first quality material of the fleet that is made to last. Wrapping a loved one in a relaxing convenience, give him the Huggle sweatshirt and may never want to remove it!


  • Made of ultra soft fleece and Sherpa material

    • A single size for all

    • An extra large hood keeps your head comfortable and hot.

    • Washable to the machine

    • Large, spacious with front pocket

    • Available in Normal, Normal Pro, Pro Zipper
    • Do you have any doubt?

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