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Enjoy the luxurious bath experience with Herzberg's new product, the personal shower head is a high pressure ionic filtration shower.

Imagine all the impurities of the water of your tap that can cause an imbalance in your oil glands and often makes your skin dry.

Do not worry anymore, since the interior is a well -being ball that contains an infrared mineral stone and negative ion mineral stones that form a double filter system that protects it from chlorine reduction and the absorption of harmful substances in the air , softens and purifies the shower water to soften the skin and hair and softer.

Experience a dew of four patterns that is the wide, massage, fog and centered. This ecological shower head saves 30% of water and produces a pressure of 200% of what the normal shower hears.

The design of a transparent high density filter and the perspective are easy to disassemble to clean.

Enjoy the best shower experience you have ever had.

3 layers of mineralized spheres:

  • Mineralization stone - type of mineral that fulfills the purification function. Absorb harmful substances in the air to achieve the deodorization effect.
  • Anion stone: releases ions, improves pulmonary ventilation and promotes metabolism
  • Germanio stone: efficiently eliminates the chlorine from tap water during the bath


  • Welling with Wellness Ball (Antibacterial Activation Mineralization Ball)
  • 4 spraying pattern: width, massage, fog, centered
  • Solid and durable transparent design.
  • The shower head is turning
  • Personal changable stones
  • It makes hair and skin softer and soft.
  • Easy to install and mount and standard hose
  • Filter and purify the water of a harmful substance.
  • Separates a large amount of minreal substance.
  • Radia the electromagnetic wave.
  • Far infrared rays produce biological and medical functions.
  • Dissolves many elements that are missing in the water and maintains the balance of the element
  • The pH value can be adjusted to weak acidity
  • It makes you feel soft, soft and comfortable. 


  • Color: transparent and silver.
  • Material: ABS, stainless
  • Pattern type: 4
  • Net Wieght:
  • Dimension:
  • Gross weight
  • Cardboard size:
  • Ball use time: around 6-12 months, according to its use

How to install:

  • Remove the old shower head
  • Remove the protector from the new shower.
  • Install the new shower head


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