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A revolutionary tool to prepare for spring

  Mowers 100 timesMore powerful with wire

  Suitable for99%of market lawn

  Put your gardeninordersoon  

MaterialRobust and durable. - Save money

Make your Cutter Reliable in 5 minutes

The critter cutting head | Brontools © makes it easy to remove from your view (and from your garden) weeds, moss, dirt, dust and anything else you want to delete.

Our thoroughly clean metal cutting head and will not disappoint it even after years of use, unlike traditional cable cutters.

It will eliminate dirt and weeds in seconds, even in inaccessible areas, which is what made our tool so popular.

Feel all the power of brontools ©

Cable mowers have a very low lifting capacity. You believe that your current wool trend is your unconditional ally, but you will betray you as soon as you find something harder than a herb.

Cable trimmers are meticulous and unstable, not to mention the number of times you have had to replace plastic cables only to maintain average functionality.

The critter cutting head | Brontools © was designed for areas that hates your lawn mower with cable, and you do not have to replace it all the time because it is made of high quality metal.

Weight: approx. 550g
Material: Steel wire
Features: Do not oxidize, durable, long service life. It consists of an internal fixed plate.
The performance, safety and quality of this 100% wire wheel are tested.
Size: approx150 * 150 * 55mm
Silver color
Diameter: Approx150mm


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