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He repairs almost everything

Do you need to fix that leak in the bathroom? Or is that huge crack on your wall? With powerful and versatile repair tape | Bronflex © You can solve this and much more ... It was made to repair gutters, ceilings, outdoor equipment, windows, doors and even fabric seams! Basically, in everything that adheres, creates a super strong waterproof seal that does not get rid of anything. And the longer you stay stuck ... Also stronger your glue connections will be!

Glue on almost all surfaces

The powerful and versatile repair tape | Bronflex © adheres to a multitude of surfaces, including PVC, acrylic, metal, steel, copper, aluminum, wood, ceramic, porcelain, tiles, glass, rubber, fiberglass, plaster, stone, cement, concrete, walls, ceilings and others. ! This powerful tape adheres even to trailers, canoes, doors and everything you can imagine!

Easy and practical

To use it, clean the surface you want to paste, choose the length of the tape, cut the desired strip, remove the glue protection and stick Bronflex tape © Wherever you want! After that, you can calm down; This tape will not get out of your place for nothing!

Paste now and just take away 30 years ago

The tape adhesive | Bronflex © is so powerful that it adheres almost permanently to the surface. It is easier for you to demolish the wall where the ribbon is stuck to go there and start Bronflex tape with your own hands. It just will not come out of there for the next 30 years!

Waterproof and ultra resistant

Powerful and versatile repair tape | Bronflex © is completely waterproof, breathable and liquid. Supports extreme temperatures (from -40 degrees to 120 degrees), 1000% can be stretched without breaking and adhering to the surface in question for 30 years. The more time it is stuck and lower (from the water, for example), stronger the joints of the tape and the more it will stick.


50 mm wide and 3 m long.

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