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Professional High Pressure Hidrolempor | BRENTOOLS © is a professional high-pressure cleaner that is easy to use and excellent to clean terraces, patios, outdoor furniture, house coverings and prepare outdoor houses to paint. The engine of this hydrolempor works with gasoline with a high efficiency 6.5hp power offered by Normal Deliveries and 3000psi for maximum pressure. The spray nozzle has 4 options and is coded by colors. The red nozzle has an angle of 0 ° that offers a high pressure and discharge of water jet aggressively and should be used with extreme caution as it can damage people and animals. Yellow has an angle of 15 ° and is used for most cleaning applications. It provides a wide coverage and a powerful water jet. The target has a 45 ° angle and is used to clean with a wider coverage over a larger area with a powerful stream of water or pressure. The 50 ° black angle offers a lower pressure spray for wider coverage. It is mainly used when using the chemical product injector to apply chemical products. The safety features were never committed; A thermal relief valve protects the overheating pump if the spray gun is closed for a prolonged period of time or nozzle is covered, this is used as a backup system and everything possible must be done so as not to allow the pump to be hot. Safety latch to avoid accidental discharge of high pressure water. The trigger safety latch must be activated as long as the pressure is not used. And the stop by low oil level protects the engine when the oil.


  • Designed to meet the great demands of the cleanup professional.
  • The engine is easy to boot and operate
  • Easy to transport, ride and load.
  • Solid steel frame for durability and extremely compact
  • Optimal performance in the toughest environments
  • Its compact design is light
  • Small enough to be easily transported by a person
  • Engine built with high quality components
  • Crankcase without maintenance so you never have to change the oil.
  • High pressure hose does not damage, is flexible and abrasion resistant
  • Designed for optimal and recognized performance as easy to start
  • Thermal relief valve, safety latch, off by low oil level
  • Design for contractors who specialize in cleaning of covers, restoration of wood, preparation and removal of paint.


  • Color: black, red and white
  • Materials: Steel.
  • Power: 6.5hp.
  • Nominal pressure: 2500psi
  • Maximum pressure: 3000psi
  • Flow: 9LPM.
  • Maximum input pressure: up to 90 psi
  • RPM: 3450 rpm
  • Temperature of the pumped fluids: up to 80 ° F
  • Ports of entry: (2) 1/3 "BSP
  • Download ports: (2) 1/2 "BSP
  • Fuel: High octane of at least 85 octane pump
  • Tire: tires of 10 "
  • Red: blast 0 °
  • Yellow: Peeled at 15 °
  • Green: cleaning at 25 °
  • White: 40 ° Washing
  • Black: detergent

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