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Our Socks Help Kit | Bronhealty © © has become perfect for entering your home.

The Socks Help Kit | Bronhealty © is designed for make life easier To all, especially those who can not take the risk of bending, stretching or striving for various medical reasons. With this Kit of Help to put socks | Bronhealty © You can put the socks easily Y Avoid injuries for unnecessary efforts.

It works with all kinds of socks. It is compact and can be easily carried when traveling. Sock Slider comes with a handle that acts as a shoeler. This sock assistant unit comes loose in small pieces that are easy to save and pack with your luggage. 
Get the socks and remove them quickly and easily, without folding them, stretching them or twisting.


  • Socks Help Kit | Bronhealty ©: An easy way to put and remove the middle door in a comfortable way
  • Easy to use: Place the sock on the base, lower the base to the ground and slide the foot in
  • Versatile: It works with all kinds of socks (socks of clothes, normal socks, sports socks and compression socks) and it works as a shoe hobby
  • Compact: It is easily packaged for comfortable storage and travel. Mango designed to act as a shoe

How to use:

Step 1:

Place your sock with the heel down on the sock jaw and roll the fist down on the sides of the bracket until the tip of the foot is at the top.

Step 2:

Once the sock is in place, use the handle to gently lower the sock to the floor.

Step 3:

Slowly loosen the foot on the jaw of the sock and slide the heel to the bottom of the sock support until the sock is completely on the foot. If necessary, use the handle to hold the base of the sock instead.

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