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Compression of

Increase circulation while reducing swelling and muscle fatigue

Absorption of

Evacuates moisture.
For a comfortable fit and without sweat

Pad +

The neuromuscular stabilization of the joints


The honeycomb tissue allows a specific compression

A different fabric

Our patented flat tissue technology has been designed to create orthoses and anatomical contour supports that provide specific compression where you need more. This allows our corsets to provide support at the same time that they act as an effective tool management tool.

Leaders in comfort and use

An orthosis that is not used is useless. We make sure that all our products are designed taking into account comfort to improve the experience of orthosis and, ultimately, the results of recovery.

A range of sizes as diverse as us

In Bronmart, we understand that bodies have many different shapes and sizes. Therefore, our extensive sizing system has been developed on the basis of real measurements of more than 500,000 different people around the world, using our 3D Bodytronic scanning system.

This system, combined with access to full customization when necessary, allows us to efficiently offer products adapted to all body types and guarantees that you get a perfect fit.