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Pore ​​cleaning

The black pore vacuum cleaner is used to Aspirate impurities successfully and the dirt particles of the pores, Black of black points, white points, lifeless skin cells, oils, etc. Help limit the scars of grains and pimples, while Gently exfolia the skin. It can provide glowing skin, while minimizing the size of the pores and reaffirms the facial contour.

6 different suction functions

What is even better is that it gets 6 different suction functions for your extraordinary needs of pores and skin. The vacuum for the elimination of the pores of the black points has a perfect headFor more sensitive pores and skin and to reduce wrinkles. The head for the exfoliation of pores and lifeless skin. It is a more used device in many cases, to eliminate black points, fat, etc. With the characteristics of the 6 extraordinary suction functions, it can facilitate its pores and the skin at one time, Easy, fast and painless.

Younger skin

Get rid of dilated pores and let the Black Point Eliminator Reduce your pores. Try your pores and your skin from the relief of your own home, all while you get A youthful skin. The black dot remover is a protected and easy to use device to end the useless skin that ages, get rid of wrinkles, treat flaccid skin, and most importantly - it's one hundred percent natural!


The black dot remover is very comfortable to use, Simply charge it and will be equipped to leave. Clean your pores and your skin with a hot towel to open the pores and soften the skin. Now pass the black dots on your skin, do not remain in a region for a long time, after this you have finished. It is always a good idea to wash the pores and skin with water without blood after using a moisturizer, since they close the pores again. The black dot remover will leave its pores and cleaner, soft and firm skin.


  • Biomechanical black dot eliminator, strong suction, skin insurance
  • Compact and multifunctional with six functions in one.
  • Suck the black points: vacuum absorption, eliminates black points quickly and effectively
  • Eliminate excess oil and fat and keep the pores open
  • Reduce and suck the acne of the skin.
  • Exfoliate excess cutin, restore skin metabolism and promote skin nutrition absorption.
  • Reaffirmation of the skin: absorption and kneading can make the skin reaffirm me and that the face is shaped like V.
  • Eliminate fine lines, promote blood circulation from the skin and increase skin elasticity.
  • Constant working voltage of 5V.
  • High quality vacuum air pump.
  • Low energy consumption and low noise.
  • Screen with artificial intelligence simulation function.
  • Easy to use, convenient operation.
  • Clear display of the operating status.
  • Three modes, a key conversion.
  • Intelligent function, middle mode of starting meditation.
  • Modes: low grade (fat skin), middle grade (neutral skin) and high grade (dry skin).
  • Five replaceable cleaning heads.
  • A multipurpose machine, according to the different needs to choose the appropriate cleaning head.
  • Small round hole: beauty head to absorb small black points.
  • Round hole: beauty head to absorb large black points.
  • Large round hole: Cleaning head to tighten the face in the form of V.
  • Oval hole: Cleaning head to eliminate fine lines.
  • Microcrystalline: Cleaning head that exfoliates dead skin from the face.


  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh.
  • Working time: ≥ 120 minutes.
  • Load time: about 2 hours.
  • Standard: GB4706.59-2008.
  • Rate voltage: 5V.
  • Rate power: 1.6W.
  • Load current: 450ma.
  • Product size: 9.8cm x 6cm x 5.4cm.

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