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¿Cómo limpiar una freidora de aire?

How to clean an air fryer?


Air fryers have become A very popular cooking tool in homes, given that They allow cooking food in a healthy and delicious way. However, to keep your air fryer working correctly and prolong its useful life, it is important to keep it clean and free of waste. In this guide, we will explain how to clean an air fryer step by step so you can enjoy healthy and delicious foods in your home.

Steps to clean An air fryer:

  1. Turn off the air fryer and let it cool completely.
  2. Remove the basket and air fryer tray.
  3. Wash the basket and tray with soft soap and water. If you have persistent waste, use a soft sponge to rub.
  4. Rinse the basket and tray with hot water and dry them with a clean towel.
  5. Use a soft brush or a humid cloth to clean the interior of the air fryer. Be sure to remove all waste and accumulated fat.
  6. Clean the exterior of the air fryer with a wet cloth and dry it with a clean towel.

Additional tips for cleaning the air fryer:

  • If your air fryer has removable pieces, be sure to clean them separately for more effective cleaning.
  • If your air fryer has an non -stick layer, use a soft sponge to avoid surface scratches.
  • Never use aggressive chemicals to clean your air fryer.
  • To avoid strong odors, clean your air fryer after each use.
  • If you use your air fryer frequently, consider cleaning it once a week to keep it in optimal conditions.

Warnings that you should take into account when cleaning your air fryer:

  1. Do not immerse your air fryer in water: Although most of the pieces are removable, the main unit is not. Therefore, you must make sure not to immerse the main unit in water, since this can damage the unit and cause malfunction.

  2. Do not use abrasive cleaners: Using chemicals or abrasive sponges can damage the surface of your air fryer. Instead, use a soft detergent and a soft sponge to clean the pieces of your air fryer.

  3. Do not use sharp utensils: When cleaning the air fryer, avoid using sharp utensils that can scratch the surface of your kitchen equipment. Instead, use a rubber or plastic spatula to remove the food stuck.

  4. Do not use excess hot water: Use hot water can deform the pieces of your air fryer, so you should avoid using water at very high temperatures.

Following these warnings, you can keep your air fryer in optimal conditions without damaging its surface or its pieces. In this way, you can enjoy a clean air fryer and ready to cook your favorite dishes at any time.

What parts of the fryer without oil can I wash in the dishwasher?

Although not all parts of the oil without oil can be washed in the dishwasher, there are some that do allow it. For example, the basket where we place the food we want to fry. In most cases, this basket is made with stainless steel, a material that does not oxidize and is compatible with any type of detergent.

Some oil -free freight manufacturers even indicate in their use instructions that the basket can be washed in the dishwasher without problems. This makes the cleaning of the fryer much simpler and faster.

Other parts of the fryer that can also be washed in the dishwasher are the tray where excess oil falls and some frying models have removable parts such as grilles or cooking trays, in these cases it is always important to check the manufacturer's instructions before proceed to cleaning in the dishwasher.

Frequent questions:

  1. Can I submerge the basket and the tray of my air fryer in water? Yes, you can submerge the basket and the air fryer tray in water. However, be sure to dry them well before using them again.

  2. Can I use aerosol cleaners to clean my air fryer? No, you should not use aerosol cleaners or aggressive chemicals to clean your air fryer. Use soft soap and water for effective and safe cleaning.

  3. Is it necessary to clean my air fryer after each use? Yes, it is advisable to clean your air fryer after each use to avoid the accumulation of waste and fat.


Clean an air fryer It is a simple process that you must perform after each use. Follow these steps and additional tips to maintain your clean air fryer and in perfect condition for use. So you can enjoy healthy and delicious foods in your home for a long time. Don't wait any longer and start cleaning your air fryer today!

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