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3 Operating Modes for 288LED / 468LED

Mode 1: Middle brightness mode, stays stable at night, the atuum shuts down during the day.

Mode 2: Dim Light Sensor Mode No Motion Lights Follow Tenu Motion detects the lights in full brightness for 15 seconds

Mode 3 (Recommended): Sensor light mode, light goes off when there is no movement, total brightness when motion is detected.

3 operating modes for 100LED

Mode 1: Human Movement Detection Mode, the lamp will turn on when people come and the lamp will turn off after people have left 15s.

Mode 2: Interaction of the human body + Mild light mode, the lamp will turn on when people come, and the lamp will be light after people have come out for 15s. In addition, it will light again when people return.

Mode 3: Mild light mode, the lamp will keep lighting slightly all the time regardless of whether there is any movement or people.

The difference between 468LED and 288LED

Differences between two lights are: 1. The 468LED have 468 LED accounts that have more LED accounts than the 288LEDs (288 LED accounts).

Brighter than 288LED. 2. The 468LED solar panel is larger than 288LED. Therefore, 468LED can load more sunlight and store more solar energy, then it can work more time than 288LED.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Why solar light does not work? Answer: Check the following items. 1. Confirm that the switch is on or not.

2. For maximum battery capacity, the solar sensor light must be loaded with direct sunlight at least eight hours before initial use.

3. To ensure the normal functioning of the light detector, install it away from other sources of light.

4. Confirm if it is used continuously in the long term and without load, take it on time before using it again.

5. Confirm that the installation address is correct (the solar panel must be up).

6. Confirm that there are no objects that block it and that the solar panel can receive sunlight. --- Do not install light too close to another light, it will affect the operation of light.


When the battery is completely discharged, it is possible that the solar lamp does not turn on after a short charge or loaded on cloudy days, is the solar lamp to be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 2-3 days to restart ?


1. High quality and long duration: Made of high quality ABS material, it is durable to use outdoors for a long time.

2. PIR motion sensor: Sensitive PIR sensor light can detect people from 3 to 5m. It will automatically control the light on and off.

3. Bright sensor: Turn off and charge the power through the solar panel during the day or in a bright environment. It turns on automatically at night or in a dark environment.

4.IP65 Water resistant: Both sunlight and solar panel are made from ABS material and waterproof. It can work in different types of climatic conditions such as rain, snow, thunder and mist.

5. Long hours of work: If you completely load the battery more than 8 hours with direct sunlight, lighting will be maintained more than 8 hours

6. Solar energy: The solar panel is at the top of the lamp. It will store electricity automatically during the day. Install the product directly at the sun's place.

7. Comfortable and easy installation. This outdoor sunlight is wireless. You can install it on the wall or anywhere outdoors.

8. Superbriller: much brighter than other lamps. Each trail light fed by solar energy has white antipatheating and lighting white led lights and lighting radiation. It is easy to install on the glass metal of the tree.

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