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Dental cleaner, Dental climbing device | Bronbeauty ©

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Silicone electric dental calculation eliminator The perfect solution to get a safe smile and easily fresh and mentioned breath!



✔ Welcome to a pearly white smile: Having a bright and healthy white teeth game has never been so easy!

✔ No more healthy plate and gums: Effectively eliminates calculation, tartar and all the impurities of the teeth, prevents gum disease and smiles proudly!

✔ Easy and effective: Most of our customers say they are happy with the product and say it is much easier to use than they thought!

✔ Using only the safest materials: Food grade silicone head/PC/ABS/304 stainless steel, IPX6 level water test system and a rechargeable battery, which guarantees safety and comfort.

✔ Put a good example for your children: Like a hair cut is the most profitable way to improve its image (much better than clothes, jewels or new shoes), along with teeth brushing, regular cleaning of teeth is an excellent way to improve their health and Give a good example to follow your children.

✔ Good habits lead to a better life: Doing small things constantly can lead to better health. It is not easy and we are here to help!

Professional qualities:

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Ultrasonic technology: High frequency vibration, 20,000 vibrations per minute, effectively eliminates the stubborn calculation, reduces damage to enamel and gums, which can be caused by manual dental tools.

Brush, teeth, electric, silicone, for, calculation, dental, cleaner, teeth, electric, for, plate, spots, teeth, tartar, calculation, dental, blue

Rechargeable USB: The USB cable allows you to load it from any type of device (USB loader, computer, smartphone, external battery, etc.), and with a single load you can use it 200 times. Just to travel without worrying about the loss of energy.

Adjustable power: 5 vibration levels for maximum comfort.

Portable design: The light and laptop design allows you to have convenient dental care at home. The low cost solution compared to going to the dentist. Ideally, you can have it by hand in the bathroom or take it anywhere when you travel.

Save time and money: Keeping your healthy teeth is the easiest way to save money in the dentist. You can stop thinking about how much it will cost you to fill a decay on your next visit to the dentist and save time when using dental thread!

3 simple steps to use:
Press the large ignition button and set the speed as you prefer.
Clean between the teeth, along the lines of the gums and the areas with spots.
Follow up with the regular use of tooth thread, tooth brushing to rinse the remaining remains and dental routine checks.


  • Professional Degree Metal Cleaning Head, very pleasant cleaning effect.
  • Five adjustable, suitable for different needs.
  • Intelligent vibration of high frequency, effective elimination of dental calculations, etc.
  • Whole, beautiful and generous body design.
  • Integrated, simple and non -remote design.
  • The battery is lasting and practical.
  • Advanced cleaning head for better results
  • Fresh breath, keep oral hygiene
  • The tooth returns to its natural color.
  • Eliminate dirt from the surface of the teeth.
  • Safe and fast USB load
  • non -slip strip
  • Charge indicator
  • Nominal-talstly washable water resistant ipx6
  • Strong cleaning and rapid bleaching function.
  • The alloy facilitates the cleaning of the teeth.
  • The medical alloy headboard clean the dental stone and smoke stains
  • A key switch, convenient and fast
  • Marches control, comfortable and clean.
  • Healthy dental care, easy to solve problems.
  • Dental calculation, dental plate, smoke spots, dental plate.


  • Nominal voltage: 3.7 V.
  • Battery capacity: 300 mAh
  • Product size: 183,6x22.3 mm
  • Load voltage: 5V
  • Vibration: approx. 12000 amps/minute
  • Nominal current: 130ma
  • Waiting current: <20UA
  • Product weight: 53.6 g
  • Engine noise: <60db

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