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The full body streak trainer

Improve your resistance and maximize your workout without putting a foot in the gym, outdoors or on a treadmill. 4 tube resistance bands | Bronfit ©It gives you a full body workout no matter where you are. At home, in the office or while traveling, you can use this simple gadget to do an incredible training. Work your core, legs, back, arms and more, in a fun and creative regime that will surely give results.

Designed for any level of physical condition, from beginner to advanced, owning the 4-tube resistance bands | Bronfit © is living with your own personal trainer in the comfort of your home, without the high costs paying for one! You can sculpt your body perfectly with this unique training tool. Infinite exercise routine options at your disposal with this essential equipment will guide you on the road as you get fit, muscularly and healthily with constant performance.


Does wonders for your body and health

Are you looking to transform yourself and improve your health in general? Well, you have it to achieve the body you want. Armed with motivation, commitment and passion for obtaining a higher level of physical condition, use 4 tube resistance bands | Bronfit © To get the help you need to get that little extra you want. Now is the time to tone those weak and flaccid areas, sculpting their abdominals, increase their potential for flexion and burn fat, as well as those harmful calories from parties. Best of all is that you are ready to look and feel better than ever!

Designed for optimal results, 4-tube resistance bands | Bronfit © has two stirrups to keep the apparatus stable with your feet, plus a classic grip bar to pull high quality elastic bands. Whether sitting, standing, kneeling or squatting, perform the routines that work better to get the results you want. It can become stronger, more in shape and more flexible through a variety of exercises, all facts easily thanks to the tension and strength of the dominated bands.

Try any amount of routines of classic or creative exercises to get in shape. This fabulous tool helps you to make the best configurations, abdominals, uprisings, biceps and sculpted triceps flexions. You can also make leg rifles, inverse abdominals, thrusts and squats. He works his arms, legs and, of course, the abdominals to look good and, what is more important, feel good.


  • Easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Safe and convenient for all
  • Light and portable: exercise at any time and anywhere
  • Intensify your regular workout without using weights
  • It makes them to do abdominals more comfortable
  • Directed training for biceps, triceps, chest, upper and lower back, abdominal, core and legs with infinite training options.

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